Akamai in
60 Seconds

Akamai in 60 Seconds

In addition to serving some two trillion content requests a day, there’s even more happening on the Akamai Intelligent Platform at any given time: video streaming, route optimization calculations, DNS lookups, and content purges, just to name just a few. With so much taking place, "Akamai in 60 Seconds" presents a snapshot of the broad range of activity occurring on the platform.

The data points shown here represent peak values for the given metrics as measured across the Akamai Intelligent Platform during a 60-second time period. They’re collected from several internal Akamai systems and databases, and are normalized to one minute. Because the graphic is showing peak values over time, the numbers shown will change when new peaks are reached, and it is likely that event-related activity will drive updates to some metrics.

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