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  Application Delivery Services
Akamai makes your applications Internet ready, with a portfolio of application delivery services that fill the gap left when not addressing the Internet cloud. Akamai provides the only solution for addressing application delivery bottlenecks in the "cloud", with a unique globally distributed platform requiring no additional hardware or client-side technology. The result is a fully transparent and optimized architecture for addressing critical application delivery bottlenecks.

Learn How Akamai Helps Make Your IT Initiatives a Success
Transform the Internet for
Enterprise Applications

Think You Have An Application Delivery Strategy?
Read this new Webtorials paper to learn how to develop a complete strategy for optimal application delivery.
  Make the Internet Behave Like Your Private WAN - Anywhere, Anytime
Interactive demonstration leveraging Akamai dynamic Internet route optimization
Enable Virtual Desktops, Increase Employee Productivity
Increase performance of virtualized desktops and reduce costs
  Build a Case for Data Center Modernization and Optimization
Listen to this podcast with Dana Gardner and Akamai to find out more
Cloud services, like Amazon EC2, still face application delivery challenges
Learn how Akamai can help deliver fast, consistent application response times and preserve business continuity for applications or sites running on Amazon EC2.
  How to Survive and Succeed In the SaaS Marketplace
Why Optimizing Application Performance is Essential
Strategies for Successful Enterprise Collaboration
Learn how people, process, and technology must be balanced.
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  Distributing Security and Optimization in the Application Delivery 2.0 Era
Discussion on new application delivery challenges, associated security concerns, and ways to help mitigate them.

The Secret to Cost Efficient Application Delivery
Learn how to cut costs with managed application delivery services
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  Determine the Return on Investment
On average, customers using Akamai Application Performance Solutions saved almost $1.8M annually - see how in this IDC white paper.
  Realize Immediate Business Value and Cost Savings
Learn how to make your IT initiatives provide immediate business impact

  Learn How Akamai
Helps to Make Your IT
Initiatives a Success

Infrastructure Consolidation
The drive to centralize infrastructure greatly conflicts with global application users and chatty application protocols. Akamai helps to "flatten the world" by ensuring LAN-like performance for fully dynamic enterprise applications by applying advanced optimization protocols to its globally distributed platform.

Want to learn more about Application
Performance Solutions?

Web Application Accelerator -
accelerate any Web-based application.

IP Application Accelerator -
accelerate any IP-enabled application
such as virtualized, client/server,
VPN and conferencing applications.
Akamai Addresses Critical Application Delivery Bottlenecks
Poor application response
times caused by centralized infrastructure

Inefficient server and bandwidth utilization

Downtime issues associated with the Internet itself
Network, application and other malicious attacks

Into network conditions and
service level agreements

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