"Akamaize" Adopted into Technology Lexicon

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Akamai Technologies
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CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts - August 11, 1999 - Akamai Technologies announced today that the word "Akamaize" (pronounced AH kuh mize) has been added to the technology lexicon of standard industry terms as defined by the award winning business Web site Whatis.com. The term defines a Web site's use of Akamai's leading Internet content delivery service, and has been listed by Whatis.com in recognition of it becoming part of the vocabulary among IT and eCommerce decision makers looking to enhance Web performance.

The term was recognized by Whatis.com as the Word of the Day on August 5th, and is now recorded within the site's glossary alphabetically - and appropriately - next to the word 'Algorithm.' Akamai's innovative technology is based upon a series of patent-pending mathematical algorithms designed by world-class scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

As described by the lexicon, 'to Akamaize' is to make use of Akamai's distributed network of over 900 servers to deliver Internet content quickly from locations closer to Web users. 'To be Akamaized' is to receive Akamai's guarantee that the global network will deliver Web site content faster and more reliably than without the service.

"Web sites like Yahoo!, CNN and dozens more that have been Akamaized are rapidly becoming the fastest Web sites in the world," said David Goodtree, Akamai's vice president of marketing, referencing tests run using third-party measurement services such as Keynote Systems. "Web site owners are already recognizing that Akamaizing means speedy performance, high-reliability, and easy implementation."

'Akamaize' joins other industry terms and company-derived names listed in whatis.com such as eBusiness, Linux, netiquette and Webcasting.

Whatis.com has received a number of awards recognizing it as a "Top 100 Web Site" and "Best Business Site," and has been distinguished by PC Magazine, the ABA Journal, Windows Magazine and USA Today, to name a few. The Web site attracts 750,000 visitors each month, and over 30,000 users each business day. 89% of visitors have the site bookmarked.

About Akamai
Akamai Technologies is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has offices in San Mateo and Cupertino, California, and Europe. Akamai is the leader in distributed content, streaming media, and applications delivery, serving over 225 of the Web's most popular properties including over 100 leading e-commerce companies. Akamai has deployed the broadest global network for content, streaming media, and applications delivery with more than 2000 servers in over 40 countries directly connected to more than 100 different telecommunications networks. Akamai (pronounced AH kuh my) is Hawaiian for intelligent, clever and cool.


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