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Building a Faster Forward World

Akamai Edge is the premier event for Internet innovators, tech professionals and online business pioneers who together are forging a Faster Forward World. At Edge, the architects, experts and implementers of the most innovative global online businesses gather face-to-face for an invaluable three days of sharing, learning and together pushing the limits of the Faster Forward World. Edge provides the tools for collaboration that maximize online performance - resulting in a better, more secure and more choreographed online experience, and an even-more-robust online business model allowing for business innovations beyond expectations.

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Technologist Track

Attend the Technologist Track to gain an in-depth understanding of the core web technologies responsible for your site’s performance. Hear from some of the world’s leading experts on performance and optimization to learn more about how the industry is responding to the evolving challenges of doing business online.

Topics include

  • Responsive Web Design Performance
  • Advanced Image Optimization
  • Analytics and Real User Monitoring
  • Sustainability
  • The Future of Online Performance

Web Security Track

Join security professionals representing organizations from a range of industries as they share and gain insights into the evolving world of information security. Attendees will experience the real value by hearing from industry peers who have leveraged security innovations to protect and transform their businesses.

Hear from global enterprises, top 500 Internet retailers, leading media organizations and high tech innovators who have all protected their brand reputation, added new online services and grown revenue all in the face of threat.

Who Should Attend

This track is for security professionals looking to protect their organization from unwanted network or application layer attacks, while improving the exchange of information between employees, customers and business partners on any device, anywhere. Join your peers to explore the complexity and risk associated with the opportunities of a Faster Forward World.

Topics include

  • Developing strategies to secure your data, sites and applications - choosing among solutions in the datacenter and in the cloud, which aspects of security to manage internally and areas to leverage managed services
  • Best practices in incident response planning - hear from customers on how they plan and test to ensure they're ready for the inevitable
  • The evolution of SSL - an overview of the initiatives, PFS, SNI, IPV6 that are changing this fundamental security technology
  • Inside Heartbleed - what insights can we take away from how we responded to this recent vulnerability to improve our security postures in the future
  • Managing enterprise global security in a hybrid cloud environment
  • Leveraging Akamai's shared intelligence about client reputation to improve DDoS and application security

Consumer Experience Track

Gaining insight into the world of online commerce goes beyond discussing the latest technical developments. The real value comes from hearing how other retailers have transformed technological innovations into valuable business strategies. Hear from leading retailers who have paved the way to establish successful online business models.

Who Should Attend

Attend this track if you're responsible for online business trying to satisfy today's fickle consumers and their growing demands for an instant and customized experience on any device. Whether you're looking to secure or optimize your site for seasonality, or integrate online applications and services to improve the end-user experience, this track is for you.

Topics include

  • Providing optimal performance & experiences to omni-channel shoppers
  • Strategies for scaling for peak traffic profitably
  • Driving the brand experience online, getting beyond the Web site - panel session of leading brands developing interesting solutions to involve customers in the brand
  • Best practices for expanding your Web presence to reach a global audience and customize the experience for each country
  • Implementing Responsive Web Design - balancing efficiency, performance and experience in the real world
  • Leveraging Akamai's property manager and APIs to expand the granularity of control of your sites on on Akamai's platform
  • Driving performance in country - tips and techniques for impacting performance when your customer is only a hop away
  • HTTP/2 challenges and opportunities
  • Using Real User Monitoring to get better insight into customers and fine tune performance
  • Insight into the latest browser technology trends and the impact for front end optimization

Digital Entertainment Track

Attend this track if you're responsible for online business within the broadcast, gaming, film, music, content distribution, and social communities. Whether you're looking to offer high quality video content to your online and mobile viewers, expand your online audience, monetize your online media, or leverage secure services in the cloud, this track is for you. By getting a sneak peek at the Akamai product roadmap, learning best practices from other industry leaders, and engaging with peers, you'll gain guidance for you and your organization's future decision making.

Who Should Attend

Gaining insight into the world of online business goes beyond discussing the latest technical developments. The real value comes from hearing how other Media & Entertainment companies have transformed technological innovations into valuable business strategies. Hear first hand from leading Media & Entertainment professionals how to harness the opportunities and overcome the challenges of fully embrace an online business model.

Topics include:

  • Trends in viewing behaviors - how viewership of large events is evolving as the online audience matures
  • What's driving the fantastic growth of the eSports market and what it means for traditional broadcasters and advertisers
  • How the video monetization model is evolving and how to take advantage of new revenue opportunities
  • Understanding the return on quality - why does quality matter and how to think about quality across devices
  • Insight into video technology trends - MPEG DASH
  • How the video workflow model is evolving to speed time to market for live events and video on-demand
  • Using media analytics to better understand your audience and improve the online experience
  • Leveraging the latest digital media delivery solutions to help evolve your online strategy

Enterprise Web Track

Gaining insight into the world of online business goes far beyond discussing the latest developments in technology. The real value comes from hearing how your industry peers have leveraged technological innovations to enable them to transform their business strategies.

Hear from global enterprises and high tech companies who have successfully reached new markets, grown revenue and reduced costs by establishing truly successful online business models.

Who Should Attend

Attend this track if you're responsible for online business within the financial services, healthcare & life sciences, manufacturing, automotive, insurance, hardware, software, government, or business services industries. Whether you're looking to protect your organization from unwanted network or application layer attacks, expand your global reach, improve employee and business partner productivity or distribute your content in a multi-device world, this track is for you.

Topics include:

  • Supporting business transformation with IT - how do you help your business move from brick and mortar to the digital channel
  • Trends in enterprise technology use - the next stage in the shift from applications to SaaS and what it means for the network
  • Managing your global network infrastructure and best practices for deploying hardware vs. cloud services
  • Accelerating your mission-critical applications
  • Building a strong cloud, ensuring the reliability of cloud service providers



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