Aeria Boosts Conversion Rates of Rich Game Downloads to 70%+, Gains Valuable Insight into Download Behavior, and Drives Global Market Growth

Aeria Games is a leading publisher of client-based social games. As a pioneer of the "free-to-play" model, which has become the standard among casual games, Aeria delivers games that are highly immersive and well-known for their extremely low barriers to game play. These characteristics make Aeria games extremely attractive to casual gamers, particularly those in the United States. In fact, with a community of 15+ million members, Aeria Games is one of the fastest growing publishers of free-to-play online games.

Aeria’s success hinges on players downloading new games as efficiently as possible so that they can immerse themselves quickly and upgrade to paying status. This literally turns the free-to-play model into a customer acquisition technique. Yet the company estimated that 30-50% of downloads stalled before completion, resulting in an unacceptably high volume of lost customers.

Since implementing the Akamai solution, Aeria is experiencing download completion rates of approximately 60-70% globally, with key countries, such as the US and France, averaging rates in excess of 70%. "The improvement in download completion rates is significant," says Terry Ngo of Aeria Games. Not only are rates higher, they are higher in some very challenging countries, such as Turkey, that are well-known for dragging completion rates way down."

"Akamai's technology actually helps drive business decisions."
-Terry Ngo, Chief Technology Officer, Aeria Games


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