Achieves a Quantum Leap in Search Engine Rankings and Sales by Boosting Site Performance., a small privately held retailer, takes a unique approach to selling furniture. By combining customized design with outstanding customer service, the company has set itself apart. In addition to enjoying steady growth year after year, has garnered recognition from the National Retail Federation and the National Federation of Independent Businesses, among others. Its Web site features approximately 3,000 products across nearly 7,000 pages, and serves approximately 100,000 site visitors per month.

After exploring its options – including expanding in-house infrastructure – and conducting due diligence, chose the Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA) solution. "It wouldn't have been a wise use of our funds to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on hardware and software when there's a time-tested solution available that many leading e-commerce companies use. We couldn't find another solution provider with as impressive a reputation or customer list as Akamai," explains Gentle.

Now, every time the retailer adds new content to its site, the impact is significantly greater. For example, instead of waiting 3-6 months to see new content appear in the search engine results pages, sees results in one month or less. "We added a new product to our site a few days before going live with Akamai DSA. Within one month, we went from oblivion to the top three in the search engine results. Combined with an 18% increase in click throughs, this has led to a lot more sales," says Gentle.

"Across the board, we've seen increases in sales because of our improved rankings combined with 20% more organic traffic being driven to our site and 14% more page views. All that translated into a significant increase in our average daily revenues," says Gentle. In fact, increased revenues by 12% the month after it deployed the Akamai solution. "The Akamai DSA solution paid for itself in one month," continues Gentle.

"After years of focusing on content and SEO fundamentals, we discovered we could make a quantum leap in the search engine rankings simply by tapping into Akamai to increase site performance."
-T.J. Gentle, President and CEO,


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