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The applications for high-quality video continue to expand, and the growing, global audience demands instant access to premium content and flawless viewing experiences on any device, in any location.

To increase engagement, monetize audiences and capture this unparalleled opportunity, providers must deliver content securely and without interruption.

Deliver fast, secure, cloud-based viewing experiences to any device

Poor viewing experiences can negatively impact your brand and lead to a potential loss in ad and subscription revenues. In fact, videos with a start-up time exceeding even two seconds have significantly higher abandonment rates, with each incremental second propelling another 6% of viewers to jump ship.

Akamai solutions can help monetize your audience and secure your content while simplifying workflows, enabling streaming across multiple devices and latitudes, and reinventing your distribution channel.

Scale to any audience size and gain critical visibility

From the Olympics to the royal wedding, Akamai's Media & Delivery Solutions have proven time and time again their ability to scale to meet the world's most demanding online video events at the highest possible quality while providing granular, real-time media analytics to understand each aspect of the viewer experience.

"The sum of all forms of video will be approximately 86 percent of global consumer traffic by 2016. -- Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2011–2016"

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