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Developing innovative products and creating incredible customer experiences are the hallmarks of successful software and technology companies. To support an environment where innovation can flourish, companies need an infrastructure that provides high performance to meet user demand for instant, dynamic online experiences. At the same time, they need the security to protect content, transactions and users – whether they're leveraging the Internet to deliver applications, distribute software electronically or via a SaaS-based model.

Engage consumers with high performing sites and applications

Consumers expect fast and engaging web and application experiences on any device. Utilizing the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ and our proven services can help you overcome the Internet's inherent performance and security limitations to improve the performance, scalability and reliability of your websites and web-based applications.

Distribute software efficiently and consistently

Innovative software companies focus on developing applications, adding features and addressing minor bug fixes, but software companies don’t need the additional burden of building and managing internal infrastructure to accelerate the actual delivery of software downloads or SaaS applications. Instead, by leveraging Akamai, you can ensure a fast, predictable and reliable download experience to anyone, anywhere – without the need for costly infrastructure build out.

Protect data and defend against attacks

To move faster forward you need to innovate without fear. Unfortunately, web-based attacks represent very real threats to online business. Akamai's highly scalable, always-on security solutions defend against these threats, helping you reduce the risk of downtime, protect revenue and maintain performance in times of attack.

"Akamai takes the burden off my chest - no matter which customer is innovating on our platform, they are getting the best of breed for speed, quality, and accessibility"

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