Technical Publications

Akamai is a company where innovative research ideas are translated into unrivaled products. Many of Akamai's researchers continue to publish in the most highly competitive and well-respected academic journals and conferences. A selection of technical publications related to Akamai are listed below.

Published in 2014

Overlay Networks: An Akamai Perspective
Ramesh K. Sitaraman, Mangesh Kasbekar, Woody Lichtenstein, and Manish Jain.
In Advanced Content Delivery, Streaming, and Cloud Services, Ed. Pathan, Sitaraman, and Robinson, John Wiley & Sons, 2014.

Published in 2013

Internet Nameserver IPv4 and IPv6 Address Relationships
Arthur Berger, Nicholas Weaver, Robert Beverly, and Larry Campbell
In the Proceedings of the ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC),
Barcelona, Spain, October 2013.

Understanding the Effectiveness of Video Ads: A Measurement Study
S. Shunmuga Krishnan and Ramesh K. Sitaraman
In the Proceedings of the ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC),
Barcelona, Spain, October 2013.

Pushing CDN-ISP Collaboration to the Limit
Benjamin Frank, Ingmar Poese, Yin Lin, Georgios Smaragdakis, Anja Feldmann, Bruce M. Maggs, Jannis Rake, Steve Uhlig, Rick Weber
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review,
Vol. 43, No. 3, July 2013.

Published in 2012

The Impact of Video Stream Quality on Viewer Behavior
S. Shunmuga Krishnan, and Ramesh K. Sitaraman
Proceedings of the Internet Measurement Conference 2012
Boston, Massachusetts, November 14-16, 2012

Using Batteries to Reduce the Power Costs of Internet-scale Distributed Networks
Darshan S. Palasamudram, Ramesh K. Sitaraman, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, and Rahul Urgaonkar
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing 2012
San Jose, California, October 14-17, 2012

Comparison of User Traffic Characteristics on Mobile-Access versus Fixed-Access Networks
Mikko Heikkinen, and Arthur Berger,
Passive and Active Measurement Conference 2012, Lecture Notes in Computer
Science, Volume 7192, Pages 32-41

Published in 2011

Measuring the State of ECN Readiness in Servers, Clients, and Routers
Steven Bauer, Robert Beverly, and Arthur Berger,
Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference 2011
Berlin, Germany, November 2-4, 2011, pp. 171-179

Published in 2010

Primitives for Active Internet Topology Mapping: Toward High-Frequency Characterization
Robert Beverly, Arthur Berger, and Geoffrey G. Xie.
Proc. of the ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference 2010,
Melbourne, Australia, November 1-3, 2010, pp. 165-171

Keeping Track of 70,000+ Servers: The Akamai Query System
Jeff Cohen, Thomas Repantis, Sean McDermott, Scott Smith, and Joel Wein.
Proceedings of the 24th USENIX Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA), November 2010.

The Akamai Network: A Platform for High-Performance Internet Applications
Erik Nygren, Ramesh K. Sitaraman, and Jennifer Sun.
ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, Vol. 44, No.3, July 2010.

Scaling a Monitoring Infrastructure for the Akamai Network
Thomas Repantis, Jeff Cohen, Scott Smith, and Joel Wein.
ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, Vol. 44, No.3, July 2010.

Published in 2009

Understanding the Efficacy of Deployed Internet Source Address Validation Filtering
Robert Beverly, Arthur Berger Young Hyun, & K. Claffy
Proc. of the 9th ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference, November 4-6, 2009, pp. 356-369.

Cutting the Electric Bill for Internet-Scale Systems
A. Qureshi, R. Weber, H. Balakrishnan, J. Guttag, and B. Maggs.
Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2009 Conference (SIGCOMM), August, 2009

Multi-rate Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing: A Distributed Approach using Scalable Coding
M. Ponec, S. Sengupta, M. Chen, J. Li, and P. A. Chou
Proceedings of 2009 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME 2009), New York, June 30 - July 2, 2009.
Received ICME 2009 Best Paper Award.

Virtualized Games for Teaching About Distributed Systems
Joel Wein, Kirill Kourtchikov, Yan Cheng, Ron Gutierez, Roman Khmelichek, Matthew Topol, Chris Sherman.
SIGCSE '09, March 3–7, 2009, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.

Improving Performance on the Internet
T. Leighton
Communications of the ACM, Vol. 52, No. 2, February 2009

Published in 2008

The Growing Complexity Of Internet Interconnection
Peyman Faratin, David Clark, Steve Bauer, William Lehr, Patrick Gilmore, & Arthur Berger
Communications & Strategies, No. 72, 4th quarter 2008, pp. 51-71

Scalable Query Result Caching for Web Applications
C. Garrod, A. Manji, A. Ailamaki, B. Maggs, T. Mowry, C. Olson, and A. Tomasic.
Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB), August 2008.

Published in 2007

NIRA: A New Inter-Domain Routing Architecture
Xiaowei Yang, David Clark, and Arthur Berger.
IEEE/ACM Transactions On Networking, Vol. 15, No. 4, August 2007.

Dynamic Load Balancing Without Packet Reordering
Srikanth Kandula, Dina Katabi, Shantanu Sinha, and Arthur Berger.
Computer Communication Review, Vol. 37, No. 2, April 2007.

The Internet's Not a Big Truck: Toward Quantifying Network Neutrality
Robert Beverly, Steven Bauer, and Arthur Berger.
Proceedings of the 8th Passive and Active Measurement Conference,
Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium, April 2007.

Machine Learning for Efficient Neighbor Selection in Unstructured P2P Networks
Robert Beverly and Mike Afergan Proceedings of USENIX Tackling Computer
Systems Problems with Machine Learning Techniques (SysML 2007),
Cambridge, MA, April 2007.

Published in 2006

SVM Learning of IP Address Structure for Latency Prediction
Robert Beverly, Karen Sollins and Arthur Berger.
ACM SIGCOMM 2006 Workshop on Mining Network Data. Pisa, Italy, September 2006.

Simultaneous Scalability and Security for DataIntensive Web Applications
A. Manjhi, A. Ailamaki, B. M. Maggs, T. C. Mowry, C. Olston, and A. Tomasic.
Proceedings of ACM SIGMOD '06, June 2006.

Using Repeated Games to Design Incentive-Based Routing Systems
Mike Afergan.
IEEE INFOCOM 2006, Barcelona, Spain, April 2006.

Repeated-Game Modeling of Multicast Overlays
Mike Afergan and Rahul Sami
IEEE INFOCOM 2006, Barcelona, Spain, April 2006.

Towards Realizing the Performance and Availability Benefits of a Global Overlay Network
Hariharan Rahul, Mangesh Kasbekar, Ramesh Sitaraman, and Arthur Berger
Passive and Active Measurement Conference, Adelaide, Australia, March 30 - 31, 2006.

Published in 2005

Experience with some Principles for Building an Internet-Scale Reliable System
Mike Afergan, Joel Wein, and Amy LaMeyer.
Proceedings of Second Workshop on Real, Large Distributed Systems (WORLDS) '05, San Francisco, CA, December 2005.

ACMS: Akamai Configuration Management System
Alex Sherman, Phil Lisiecki, Andy Berkheimer, and Joel Wein.
Proceedings of NSDI 2005. Boston, MA, May 2005.

Botz-4-Sale: Surviving Organized DDoS Attacks That Mimic Flash Crowds
Srikanth Kandula, Dina Katabi, Matthias Jacob, and Arthur Berger.
Second Symposium on Networked Systems Design & Implementation (NSDI), Boston MA, May 2005.

Published in 2004

An Analysis of Live Streaming Workloads on the Internet
K. Sripanidkulchai, B. Maggs, and H. Zhang.
Proceedings of the Internet Measurement Conference 2004 (IMC), Taormina, Sicily, Italy,October 2004.

A Transport Layer for Live Streaming in a Content Delivery Network (pdf)
Leonidas Kontothanassis, Ramesh Sitaraman, Joel Wein, Duke Hong, Robert Kleinberg, Brian Mancuso, David Shaw, and Daniel Stodolsky.
Proceedings of the IEEE, Special Issue on Evolution of Internet Technologies 92(9):1408-1419 (September, 2004).

Simultaneous Source Location
K. Andreev, C. Garrod, B. Maggs, and A. Meyerson.
Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems (APPROX), Cambridge, MA, August, 2004.

Locating Internet Routing Instabilities
A. Feldmann, O. Maennel, Z. Morley Mao, A. Berger, and B. Maggs.
Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2004 Conference (SIGCOMM), Portland, Oregon, August, 2004.

Fast Portscan Detection Using Sequential Hypothesis Testing
Jaeyeon Jung, Vern Paxson, Arthur Berger, and Hari Balakrishnan.
Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, Oakland, CA, May 2004.

EdgeComputing: Extending Enterprise Applications to the Edge of the Internet
Andy Davis, Jay Parikh, and William E. Weihl.
Proceedings of the World Wide Web Conference (WWW), New York, New York, 2004.

Published in 2003

Designing Overlay Multicast Networks for Streaming
K. Andreev, B. M. Maggs, A. Meyerson, and R. Sitaraman.
Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA), San Diego, California, June 2003.

Modeling TTL-Based Internet Caches
Jaeyeon Jung, Arthur Berger, and Hari Balakrishnan.
Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM 2003, San Francisco, CA, March 2003.

The Value of Knowing a Demand Curve: Bounds on Regret for On-Line Posted-Price Auctions
Robert Kleinberg and Tom Leighton.
In Proceedings of the 44th IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2003), pages 594-605, Cambridge, MA, October, 2003.

Globally Distributed Content Delivery (pdf)
J. Dilley, B. Maggs, J. Parikh, H. Prokop, R. Sitaraman, and B. Weihl.
IEEE Internet Computing, September/October 2002, pp. 50-58.

Consistent Hashing and Random Trees: Distributed Caching Protocols for Relieving Hot Spots on the World Wide Web (pdf)
David Karger, Eric Lehman, Tom Leighton, Rina Panigrahy, Matthew Levine, Daniel Lewin.
Proceedings of the 29th ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC), El Paso, Texas, May, 1997.

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