1. Akamai is committed to meeting all of our obligations to our customers to protect their data and only to collect, use, and disclose it for authorized purposes. Akamai is equally committed to abiding by all applicable domestic, national, and international privacy laws.

2. Akamai is principally an intermediary service provider for businesses. In general, data collected, used, or disclosed by Akamai is processed by Akamai on behalf of and as directed by our business customers. Akamai expects any of our business customers who do collect, use, or disclose personally identifiable information and who use Akamai to process that information to adhere to fair information privacy standards, including the principles of consumer notice, choice, consent and control, fairness and integrity.

3. When Akamai does process personally identifiable information on its own behalf, Akamai conforms to fair information privacy practices, including notice, choice, consent and control, fairness and integrity, as provided by applicable industry and legal standards.

4. To protect privacy, it is Akamai's policy and practice not to merge profiling or other usage data obtained in the course of providing services to our customers with the personally identifiable information of consumers. Akamai will not knowingly merge such data, except with notice to and consent by the data subject, except as may be legally required for law enforcement, judicial, or similar purposes.

5. Akamai's services use a third party, WebTrends Inc., to collect non-personally identifiable information about end users, and provides our customers with the option to purchase the WebTrends On Demand service through Akamai. In addition to Akamai-provided network data, one of the primary methods used by this third party to collect anonymous data is the placement of cookies. Cookies are small information files that an end user's Web browser places on that user's computer when a Web site is visited. In addition to the session cookie, WebTrends uses other anonymous data collection methods such as appending query strings to an image request. These data collection methods are subject to change from time to time as technology develops. For additional detail on WebTrends policies regarding data collection and management, please visit

6. Akamai has published a detailed privacy policy that explains our approach in depth.


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