What the NetSession Interface is:

  • Software that helps deliver faster, more reliable downloads on demand
  • An extension of Akamai's global server network that helps companies and their customers complete more downloads more easily
  • Extremely secure, supporting best-in-class HTTPS/SSL security

What the NetSession Interface isn't:

  • It is not spyware, malware, or other intrusive software
  • It is not a security threat, and does not view or share any private data on your machine
  • It is not permanently installed on your machine; you have the option to remove it at any time

Where it resides:

  • If you have NetSession installed, you have a view into the service on your machine through the Windows Control Panel or Mac OS X System Preferences pane.
  • On Windows, open your Windows Control Panel, then click the icon or link to the Akamai NetSession Interface Control Panel.
  • On Mac OS X, the Akamai extension icon is found under Other --> Akamai on the System Preferences pane.

1. Knowledge

Users have the right to know all functions the Akamai NetSession Interface software is designed to perform prior to installation. Akamai provides end users with access to easy to understand information and resources on the Akamai NetSession Interface, what it does and how it works. We are always improving our information here, and would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve communication on our software. Kindly provide us your inputs by completing our feedback form.

2. Transparency

Users have the right to know what their Akamai NetSession Interface is doing at all times. Akamai provides a Control Panel (Windows) and System Preferences pane (Mac) application to show the current status of the client, its caches, and the various applications utilizing the Akamai NetSession Interface.

3. Control

Users have the right to have absolute control of their system. This means they should be able to:

  • delete files as they choose
  • turn the Akamai NetSession Interface on and off
  • easily uninstall the Akamai NetSession Interface

Akamai provides all of this functionality and more through our Control Panel (Windows) and System Preferences pane (Mac) interfaces, and through JavaScript/C APIs that Akamai customers can use to provide download management control within their web pages or applications.

Please take a look at Akamai NetSession Interface Design Principles and NetSession FAQs for more detailed information on the Akamai NetSession Interface.

For questions or feedback on Akamai's Bill of Rights, please complete our feedback form.


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