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Cloud Security Solutions

Secure websites and data centers to reduce the risk of downtime and data theft

Users expect the online experience to be always available and always secure — their personal and business assets to be safe. As more data and business processes move online, organizations are challenged to protect websites and infrastructure without sacrificing performance for security. Akamai Cloud Security Solutions help you avoid data theft and downtime by extending the security perimeter to the edge of the network to protect from increasing frequency, scale and sophistication of web and data center attacks.

Kona Site Defender

Multi-layered defense to protect websites against the increasing threat, sophistication and scale of attacks

Prolexic Routed

DDoS defense for protecting all data center infrastructures against large, complex attacks

Kona Web Application Firewall

Application-layer defense to protect against data theft through attacks like SQL injections and cross-site scripting

Site Shield

Origin defense by cloaking web infrastructure and reducing vulnerability

Fast DNS

DNS resolution that is fast, reliable and secure


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