Akamai’s DDoS protection service is designed to stop even the largest, strongest DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are growing bigger and more complex. Today’s denial of service attackers can easily send 200 gigabits of malicious traffic to their targets. That’s much too much for a local network appliance or Internet service provider (ISP). If your organization depends on a website or Internet-facing infrastructure, the best DDoS protection service can provide peace of mind and reduce business risk.

No other company can match the DDoS protection that Akamai delivers best in class DDoS protection to our customers every day.

Best DDoS protection: Large, mature global DDoS mitigation network

Akamai’s cloud security solutions are backed by a dedicated DDoS mitigation network in excess of 2.3 Tbps. It’s spread out geographically and distributed among multiple carriers. The capacity of this bandwidth for your DDoS protection gives our DDoS protection service a substantial advantage over an ISP that must rely only on its own backbone.

Our network, our peering techniques and strategic deployment of resources enables Akamai to effectively mitigate DDoS attack traffic in the cloud and closest to its sources – to provide you with the best DDoS protection service.

Best DDoS protection: Six geographically distributed scrubbing centers

Our global DDoS mitigation network is comprised of six scrubbing centers located strategically around the world to protect Internet-facing infrastructures against all known types of DDoS attacks at the network, transport and application layers. Proprietary DDoS filtering techniques, advanced routing, and patent-pending anti-DoS hardware devices remove DDoS traffic close to the source of the botnet activity.

Best DDoS protection: 24/7/365 SOC and experienced DDoS mitigation staff

It’s simply not enough to rely exclusively on automated anti-DDoS tools or bandwidth reserves for DDoS detection and protection. That’s what really separates Akamai from other DDoS mitigation service providers. Since 2003, our DDoS mitigation staff, formerly of Prolexic, has successfully mitigated some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated DDoS attacks. We operate a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) to provide you with the best DDoS protection at all times.

Best DDoS protection: On-the-fly response to attack signature and vector changes

Our SOC engineers work around the clock and respond in real-time. The skills and always-on availability of our SOC engineers are critical because many DDoS denial of service attacks are concerted efforts by live attackers and, as a result, the characteristics of the DDoS attack can change during the attack.

Success against the most sophisticated DDoS hackers can only be achieved by responding in real time and supplementing automated anti-DoS tools with human expertise. Our staff use their expertise to distributeDDoS attack loads and combat novel and hybrid attacks.

Best DDoS protection: Proprietary DDoS mitigation tools to stop more DDoS attacks

Where other DDoS mitigation providers rely on a few technologies and anti-DDoS techniques to monitor and mitigate denial of service attacks, our DDoS mitigation experts use more than 20 DDoS mitigation technologies – many of them unique to our service.

Best DDoS protection: Broad capacity to mitigate the biggest, strongest DDoS floods

Our DDoS scrubbing centers are supported by four Tier 1 global telecommunications carriers. Unlike other DDoS mitigation providers, we don’t piggyback other services such as DNS on our DDoS mitigation network. So what does this mean? It means we have mitigated some of the largest DDoS attacks launched in the world – the high packet-per-second DDoS floods that bring down sites, and low and slow encrypted Layer 7 attacks that cripple applications. And this is really important – because of this immense anti-DDoS bandwidth, it means that we can provide DDoS protection services for multiple clients and fight multiple DDoS attacks at once.

Best DDoS protection: Protection for every type of DDoS attack, including encrypted traffic

Our cloud-based DDoS protection solutions mitigate DDoS attacks at every layer including Layers 3, 4 and 7. We even have a proven solution against encrypted attacks that vandalize HTTPS traffic in real time. Further, we use certified FIPS-140-2 Level 3 key management encryption tools with passive SSL decryption for extremely high performance. Often DDoS attackers who see traffic has been re-routed through our DDoS mitigation network quickly abandon their attacks – they know they do not have the capacity to overcome our DDoS protection.

Best DDoS protection: Fast DDoS detection and DDoS mitigation

If you use our optional DDoS detection and system monitoring services, you will have the peace of mind that we will monitor, detect and begin to mitigate all types of DDoS attacks immediately.

  • Our Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel detect DDoS denial of service attacks by directly monitoring your network traffic flow through edge routers.
  • Upon detecting network traffic anomalies, our SOC personnel perform impact analyses and notify you of conditions that could threaten your networks.
  • The information provided by the SOC includes a clear recommended DDoS mitigation action plan, which may include switching to immediate DDoS protection by re-routing your network traffic through our global DDoS mitigation network.
  • This anti-DDoS detection service may be combined with Prolexic Application-Based Monitoring, which alerts on application layer 7 denial of service abuses to HTTP and encrypted HTTPS traffic.

Why Akamai Cloud Security for DDoS protection?

Quite simply, the DDoS attacks that often overwhelm others – either in size or speed – are mitigated by Akamai experts successfully – and fast.

Kona Site Defender Key Benefits

  • The largest and most mature global DDoS mitigation network
  • Geographically distributed DDoS scrubbing centers
  • 24x7x365 SOC and large, experienced DDoS mitigation staff
  • On-the-fly response to attack signature and vector changes
  • Proprietary DDoS mitigation tools stop more DDoS attacks
  • Capacity to mitigate even the biggest, strongest DDoS floods
  • Expertise to stop every type of DDoS attack, including encrypted traffic
  • Service level agreements guarantee DDoS mitigation in minutes

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