Key Features

  • Improves download completion rates by 5%-20%+
  • Speeds downloads 2x-10x depending on Internet conditions
  • Provides advanced control and error handling to improve performance and end-user satisfaction
  • Supports HTTPS/SSL security protocols and is compatible with all Akamai authorization schemes
  • Flexible billing models including per-user pricing

Power faster, more reliable downloads

Akamai Download Manager is an intelligent, resilient platform for delivering software and media downloads over the global Akamai platform. As part of an overall Akamai solution, Download Manager can accelerate downloads up to ten-fold, while providing advanced control and error handling to improve download completion rates.

Download Manager works at the edge of the Internet. It's powered by the scale and depth of Akamai's global server platform, working with Akamai's NetSession Interface client software residing on end-user machines and devices. NetSession Interface is designed to be a low-impact, low-demand client, with minimal impact on client CPU, disk, and RAM resources.

Customers incorporating Download Manager have seen a 5%-20% increase in download completion rates, and have the option to leverage Akamai professional services expertise to create more efficient download workflows to realize even greater improvements in completion rates.

Per-user pricing means greater flexibility to tailor Download Manager to your particular business model over traditional models (pay per GB, pay per Mbps) to control costs and maximize value.


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