Media Analytics

Comprehensive suite of analytics tools to monitor online video viewer experiences and the effectiveness of web software downloads, while measuring audience engagement, and quality of service performance.

Akamai Media Analytics is an extensive analytics solution that provides actionable and relevant metrics to help businesses understand their entire media workflow from ingest to device that might impact the experience in four complementary modules.

  1. Quality of Service Monitor is a real-time monitoring tool that provides insight into online video viewing experiences.
  2. Viewer Diagnostics is a tracking solution that shows media consumption and historical playback video quality at the individual viewer level for each play.
  3. Audience Analytics is a behavioral analysis module providing statistics that describe how your audience consumes and engages with your online video content.
  4. Download Analytics a customizable solution designed to provide software companies with meaningful insight into the performance of their online downloads

Collectively, these tools provide access to deep, contextual, and customizable measurements in the language and context of your business. Using these modules, businesses can set thresholds and uncover key sensitivities to focus on elements like site performance quality or usage behavior affecting success of online video experience for both live and on-demand digital media, as well as download engagement and completion rates.

Media Analytics Key Benefits

  • Increase audience engagement with tailored analytics that track viewer experiences, and content usage
  • Monitor events or product launches in real time to have visibility into the quality of video playback
  • Track streaming video audience experience on any device through analytics compatible with multiple players
  • Gain and share insight into media distribution channel performance with analytics and reports
  • Troubleshoot online video playback issues down to the individual level with deep diagnostics and viewer history
  • Stay on top of application and software download duration, completion rates, and other download metrics affecting your business, helping you optimize the user experience