Media Content Delivery

Globally distributed content delivery network (CDN) to deliver media content at the highest quality

Akamai Media Content Delivery products provide high-performance, highly reliable HTTP delivery of media content to address the broad variety of network types – fixed or mobile – at varying connection speeds. Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, the world's largest CDN with more than 150,000 globally distributed servers located close to audiences, Akamai Media Content Delivery products offer superior scalability, reliability, availability and reach.

Each delivery product is optimized to meet the delivery needs of its focused content type.

  • Download Delivery, for large file downloads, including games, progressive media (video and audio) files, documents, and other file-based content
  • Adaptive Media Delivery, for streaming video content in adaptive bitrate streaming formats, including Apple's HLS, Adobe's HDS, Microsoft's Smooth Streaming, and the MPEG-DASH format.

Media Content Delivery Key Benefits

  • Grow with capacity and scale to meet the challenges of larger online audiences with higher expectations.
  • Gain the performance advantage of products tuned to the specific content they are designed to deliver.
  • Rely on a 100% availability SLA, built on the quality and reliability of the Akamai Intelligent Platform.
  • Optimize HTTP streaming playback quality and performance by leveraging a distributed network of servers that are close to the users
  • Reach audiences on any device with support for a wide range of standard protocols
  • Monitor Streaming Delivery quality by keeping track of your traffic, visitors, URLs and more for both On Demand and Live Media video content streaming
  • Improve software download completion rates by monitoring your software delivery and user engagement