Kona Site Defender

Multi-layered defense to protect websites against the increasing frequency, sophistication, and scale of attacks

Akamai's Kona Site Defender extends web security beyond the data center while maintaining site performance and availability in the face of fast-changing threats. It leverages the power of the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ to detect, identify, and mitigate Denial-of-Service (DoS), Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS), and other application-layer attacks before they reach the origin.

Kona Site Defender Key Benefits

  • Protect websites and web applications from DoS and DDoS attacks with the massive scale and capacity of the Akamai's Intelligent Platform™
  • Maintain website availability and performance during DDoS attacks through Akamai's globally-distributed architecture
  • Reduce the risk of data breach with a highly scalable and high-performance web application firewall
  • Reduce capital and operational costs associated with web security by leveraging Akamai's cloud security service
  • Adapt to a changing threat landscape with security rules continuously refined and updated by Akamai's Threat Intelligence Team