Web Application Accelerator

Application delivery for global web-enabled business processes

Web Application Accelerator (WAA) is a cloud-based service designed to enable enterprises to cost-effectively deliver web-based applications that are fast, reliable and secure. WAA empowers enterprises to overcome the challenges related to delivering business applications over the Internet by placing all of the application delivery capabilities within the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, which means the optimizations are distributed globally and located closer to users and data centers around the world. WAA is designed to provide performance and availability that drive application adoption and productivity – and requires no hardware, software, or code changes.

For organizations that need even greater levels of application performance, have multiple data centers, and have a large mobile audience, Akamai offers an advanced cloud-based Application Delivery Platform. Visit Alta to learn more »

Web Application Accelerator Key Benefits

  • Improve dynamic web application response times by up to 5X
  • Ensure applications are available and high-performing by eliminating Internet bottlenecks in delivery
  • Deliver consistent worldwide application performance through the Akamai Intelligent Platform™
  • Reduce capital expenses and operating costs by leveraging Akamai's managed service
  • Realize ROI payback from accelerated applications in approximately two months (average)