Support & Additional Contacts

Support Contacts

Customer Care is an important part of the Akamai experience. Our team provides unrivaled expertise and support to keep your online business running smoothly 24/7.

For urgent issues please call:
(877) 4-AKATEC (US and Canada only) or
(617) 444-4699

For non-urgent issues please e-mail

Global Akamai Support Phone Numbers

Developer Resources

Registered members of the Akamai Developer Network gain access to in-depth information regarding Akamai solutions and technology.

Luna Control Center

Akamai's Luna Control Center provides our customers with a fully automated customer support resource that is available 24 hours a day.

End User FAQ

Find the answers to some of our end users' Frequently Asked Questions.


Security Advisories
Akamai Security Team GPG Public Key
Akamai Security Team (General Public)

Additional Contacts

Contact Press Relations

To receive a copy of our press kit, please contact a member of our press relations staff.

Report Abuse

If after reviewing our FAQ, and working with your Internet and Software vendors, you would like Akamai to investigate the traffic you're seeing; click here to initiate an Akamai Investigation.

Contact Investor Relations

Akamai is dedicated to providing high-quality service to its stockholders.

Contact the Webmaster

Contact our Webmaster to get information or provide feedback about our Web site.


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