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The Akamai Net Usage Index by Industry is the world's first and only daily Web traffic benchmark that tracks where industry specific content is being consumed on a global basis. Akamai, as the content and application acceleration platform for 100s of companies, has a unique view into the daily Web traffic of major industry specific sites. Akamai has been in business since 1998, and serves content on behalf of a large majority of the world's leading online industry specific sites. Distributing billions of page views daily for these industry specific sites, Akamai is in the unique position to be able to track industry specific consumption on a global scale. At any point in time, millions of Internet users are online consuming industry specific content.

Following is an explanation of how we measure page views per minute:


V/M = measures current millions of page views per minute* to aggregate industry specific sites (this number reflects the current rate in each geographic region)

% = measures the percent above or below the average of page views per minute within each geographic region, based on data points taken at 5 minute intervals

* for each minute, Akamai is measuring the number of page views from industry specific sites during that minute

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