Quality Online Video Performance on any device, anywhere

Deliver high quality video and downloads to any device, anywhere.

Your audience expects instant, uninterrupted access to premium entertainment content on any device. Akamai can help you win over today’s media-savvy viewer by delivering the highest quality video and software downloads affordably and at scale, solving the challenges of multi-device consumption, while simplifying a multi-channel workflow.

Whether the whole world is watching or just one customer, the slightest delay, disruption or disappointment can ruin the experience.

The Evolution of Online Video

Consumer demand for instant access to premium content on any device is on the rise, and growing crazy fast. Our infographic shows the growth in demand for online video, the increase in video streaming, and the expansion of infrastructure to support higher video resolutions such as HD and 4K/UHD. Don't be left behind.

How to Maximize Audience Engagement

Those who improve and understand their audience's online behavior and preferences will win in the game of online video. In our white paper, you'll learn how to optimize online video to improve performance and reduce site abandonment. Improve the online video experience and keep viewers coming back.

How to Maximize Audience Engagement

The New Media Delivery eBook

Learn the critical role video quality plays in influencing online audience behavior. Online media viewers visit your site to read news, watch online video, play games, and download media and software of all kinds. Download our NEW eBook, "The Media Delivery Cookbook", to learn techniques for delivering high-performance online media.

The New Media Delivery eBook

Learn how NBC Olympics partnered with Akamai to deliver the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics – Flawlessly

This IDC case study examines the partnership and technology solution Akamai provided to NBC Olympics in support of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. This case study is based on interviews with key individuals involved in the partnership at both NBC Olympics and Akamai.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics


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