CDN Video Quality

With the ubiquity of high-speed internet access and high-resolution media, audiences have come to expect an increasingly high level of video quality from their TV, computer, and smartphone. The entertainment industry, application developers, and video streaming services continue to raise the bar for speed and audio-visual quality in media delivery, and consumers simply learn not to tolerate delays, a poor image, or unpleasant audio.

Why Video Quality Matters to Your Message

Although online video streaming is one of the best marketing and communications tools available today, keeping up with the technology is difficult. While learning how to stream video may be simple, providing consumers with the level of access and video quality they demand from online streaming media is a challenge businesses are now confronting.

Web videos are a fast, high impact way to grab an audience, particularly for ad content. However, poor video quality will not only distract from your message, it can hurt your brand. If a video takes too long to start playing or stutters during playback, viewers will abandon a page and look elsewhere.

Giving Your Audience the Video Quality They Expect

In the case of both on-demand and live video streaming, video quality is significantly limited by network congestion, latency, and packet loss—all of which increase as the distance and number of networks between a media server and the end user increase. Network usage spikes and internet bottlenecks are inevitable. But with the help of a well-equipped online video platform, it is possible for enterprises to better manage the storage and delivery of streaming media and shorten the distance a video stream has to travel before reaching the consumer.

To address network limitations and offer consumers a consistently pleasurable viewing experience, publishers are taking advantage of adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming technology and the infrastructure offered by a content distribution network (CDN). With ABR streaming, video players switch between differing bitrate streams based on current network conditions, enabling fast startup times, reducing buffering delays, and giving users the best video quality possible. CDNs offer content providers the use of a broadly distributed network of servers, helping to ensure that a media stream will originate from a server located closer to the user.

Akamai Helps You Provide Consistently High Video Quality

To provide your audience with the level of performance they expect from online media, why not leverage the capabilities of the world's first and largest CDN? Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, our cloud-based Media & Delivery Solutions help you minimize the impact of network problems on video quality and provide your users with a seamless, visually satisfying streaming media experience. Our Media Storage & Delivery HTTP delivery network supports ABR streaming to a variety of player platforms, ensuring superior playback quality no matter the device, location or network.

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