Media Delivery Network Map

Akamai Media Delivery Network
Akamai Storage Network
Competitor 1 Delivery Network
Competitor Storage Network
Competitor 2 Delivery Network
Competitor 3 Delivery Network
Akamai Media Delivery + Storage

Our network is in over 135 countries within more than 1,450 networks. Here's why that matters.

When it comes to media delivery, even the highest performing networks aren't immune to the realities of the internet. Congestion, latency, and packet loss can happen at anytime, slowing down delivery and interrupting your audience's experience. That's when your points of presence—where you're storing and distributing media—matter. Our distributed architecture means we're closer to your audience, and can effectively bypass common interruptions to provide a consistent, high-quality online media experience to your audience...the kind they expect to have.

The map above provides a global view of our Media Delivery and Storage network. Refreshed every six months, it provides an up-to-date view of our network presence and identifies, at a regional level, the locations used to store and distribute media. Look up a specific region, or see how our network compares to the competition.