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Meet Akamai: the world's largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, delivering 95 exabytes of data per year across billions of devices. With a broad array of best-in-class cloud delivery products and services, we help businesses around the world deliver the best and most secure digital experiences possible.

What We Do

Our products and services help you deliver a digital experience that's faster, smarter, and more secure.


The most beautiful digital experience in the world is worthless if it doesn't meet the performance expectations of users. Our performance solutions help businesses deliver fast and flawless digital experiences to users on any device, anywhere.

Media Delivery

Whether delivering a live stream, a multiplayer gaming experience, or a simple product demo video, media delivery leaves no room for error. Our media delivery solutions ensure a high quality, uninterrupted content experience to users at scale, no matter how big the audience or how rich the experience.

Cloud Security

When it comes to doing business, protecting your digital assets has never been so important—or so complicated. Built on the largest distributed platform operating at the edge of the Internet, our security solutions provide peace of mind by stopping attacks closer to the source and further from you, without sacrificing performance.

Cloud Networking

As business continues to evolve in the digital age, so do the enterprise networks they depend on. Our Cloud Networking solutions make managing enterprise applications easier and more flexible, while simultaneously solving for security and compliance challenges.