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Forrester Report: Embrace Zero Trust for Australia’s Essential Eight

Elevate maturity levels with a security model that protects your business and enables growth

Australia's Essential Eight is a series of baseline mitigation strategies that make it much harder for adversaries to compromise an organization's critical systems.

 Although the cybersecurity framework has been around and continuously evolving since 2017, many organizations still struggle to elevate their maturity level — leaving them vulnerable to more complex, sophisticated attacks. 

In this report, Forrester shows your organization how to leverage Zero Trust to comply with Australia's Essential Eight and better align your security planning, budget, and strategy. 

Access the report to learn:

• How Zero Trust capabilities align with Australia's Essential Eight 

• Strategies to extend your security strategy beyond compliance 

• Key considerations to achieve a sustainable Zero Trust security strategy 

You'll also gain access to insights from Akamai security experts in Australia about the benefits of a Zero Trust approach. 

Download the complimentary report today.