A Forrester Total Economic Impact Study | Akamai Edge Security for Broadcasting and OTT Customers

Forrester recently surveyed more than 30 Akamai customers to understand the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of our security products and services on broadcasting and OTT organizations. Based on their responses, Forrester created an OTT media composite customer with $1.5 billion in revenue. They calculated that this customer experienced risk-adjusted, present value benefits totaling $8,787,414 over three years:

  • $1,052,310 Security full-time equivalent savings
  • $7,460,556 Revenue protection
  • $149,211 Reduced hardware spend
  • $125,337 Decommissioning legacy security products

Additionally, Forrester noted unquantified benefits, including improved site performance during an attack, reductions in churn and bounce rates, and improvements in click-through. To learn more, register for the full report.