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Ponemon Report: The Cost of Credential Stuffing

Ponemon Institute surveyed 569 individuals in IT security who are familiar with credential stuffing and are responsible for the security of their companies’ websites. Based on their responses, Ponemon identified key stats about credential stuffing, including the costs organizations incur to prevent damage and the financial consequences when attackers succeed.

What you need to know:

  • Credential stuffing activity is difficult to distinguish from legitimate users
  • The volume and severity of credential stuffing attacks are on the rise
  • Most companies lack good visibility into credential stuffing activity on their websites

What you’ll learn:

  • Costs of credential stuffing, including specific component costs
  • Number of credential stuffing attacks experienced by organizations
  • Volume of user accounts targeted in each attack
  • Frequency of successful attacks
  • How cloud migration affects risk
  • Top 5 consequences of credential stuffing

With over 100 media contacts taking part in the survey, the responses to the difficulty of detection and remediation, frequency, and vulnerability to credential stuffing attacks are essential as you consider your Bot Management strategy.