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Real-Time IDC Research: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

In this commentary, IDC provides research and perspective about the current state of the MFA marketplace and evaluates Akamai’s new MFA offering.

Some of IDC’s findings:

  • As a result of legacy UX frictions, adoption of advanced authentication workforce solutions hovers at just 25%
  • Every organization should ideally be using FIDO2-based MFA
  • FIDO2 requirements will dictate all future authenticator development efforts
  • The market is inching ever-closer to a passwordless future

Read the full IDC Research Link report* to inform your authentication security strategy.

Akamai’s MFA stands to differentiate its newly launched authentication service from competing MFA products based on its enormous global CDN footprint and the fact that it has created a FIDO2-based offering.

IDC Research Link, Akamai MFA: What’s Different Here?

*Available in English only