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Modernize Customer Identity and Access Management on a Secure, Flexible SaaS Platform

Your customers expect a seamless, secure, and consistent digital experience — and they expect that same experience across all touchpoints. To exceed these expectations and earn customer loyalty, leading brands are turning to customer identity and access management (CIAM).

Learn how CIAM can help you create more seamless, trusted, and secure digital experiences

Improve Customer Experiences and Build Lasting Relationships

With CIAM, you’re building more than a better digital experience. You’re building a better brand and business. An intuitive and engaging customer experience translates into lasting loyalty, continued conversion, and meaningful growth.

Scalable Registration

Reduce registration friction with quick load times, intelligent scaling, and social login.


Create seamless customer experiences across devices with progressive registration and SSO.

Single Customer View

Create a unified identity directory with API integrations into your MarTech stack.

Determine the Right CIAM Strategy for Your Business

Strengthen Digital Trust and Earn Customer Loyalty

Customer trust. It’s one of your most valuable assets, yet earning and retaining that trust can be complicated and time-consuming. A CIAM solution ensures your customers know their personal data is safe, under their control, and in the hands of a partner they can rely on.

Digital Trust and Consent

Improve consumer trust with granular consent and preference management.

Transparency and Control

Provide consumers transparency and control over their data with self-service account management.

Privacy Compliance

Comply with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and all similar privacy regulations.

Learn How a CIAM Solution Can Help You Deliver Trusted Digital Experiences

Secure Customer Data and Protect What Matters Most

Take control of cybercrime, data privacy, and the consequences that come with it. With advanced user authentication, identity management, and much more, the right CIAM solution can keep you secure — safeguarding your brand, business, and customer data.

Secure and Encrypted Data Management

Secure, encrypt, and obfuscate end-user data and credentials.

Scoped Access Control

Protect end-user data with role or attribute control at the user and application level.

Single Data Repository

Prevent data sprawl with one connected repository.

Determine the Right CIAM Strategy for Your Business

Hear from the Experts

The Forrester customer-obsessed IAM operating model shows you how to use CIAM to improve your business’s reputation, sales, and profitability.

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Akamai Identity Cloud: Scale, Flexibility, and Security

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