Akamai Training Curriculum to Help Customers Maximize Value of Leading Distributed Computing Platform

Cambridge, MA |

Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leader in powering rich media, dynamic transactions and enterprise applications online, today announced the introduction of Akamai University, a series of hands-on training classes for customers to expand their own expertise of Akamai's comprehensive product offerings.

Taking place at Akamai's headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, participating customers will learn:

  • how to optimally configure their site environments for accelerating Web applications and dynamic content, as well as for managing and monetizing digital media assets;
  • best practices for troubleshooting the Internet using Akamai's unique EdgeControl portal; and
  • how to maximize site offload, scalability and performance.

The complete training calendar, including dates and titles of all classes, as well as registration information, is available at: www.akamai.com/training.

Akamai University is designed for Web developers, architects, managers, and those interested in leveraging Akamai to increase Web site and application performance, scalability and availability. After completing these instructor-led courses, attendees will have broadened their overall knowledge of the Internet, and will be able to extract the most value from their Akamai investment.

"Having worked with thousands of the most successful online businesses over the last 10 years, we have built Akamai University as a means to share technology best practices, empowering today's already savvy site architects, Web developers, and others, to maximize the power of the Internet," said Robert Hughes, executive vice president of Global Sales, Services, and Marketing, at Akamai. "As businesses turn to Akamai to generate efficiencies of scale, increased revenues, cost reductions, and customer satisfaction, this curriculum will help ensure the tools and functionality within our product set are optimized for even greater business results."

Benefits of Akamai University

In any economy, businesses are always looking to gain the most from their investment. The goal of these unique training classes are to help customers:

  • save time and capital expense, allowing IT to focus on other pressing business needs by quickly deploying and optimizing applications;
  • ensure end users are not adversely affected when configuration changes go live by testing changes on Akamai's integrated testing network; and
  • reduce troubleshooting time and maintain real-time insight into their internal infrastructure and the Akamai network using Akamai's EdgeControl portal.

Designed Around Akamai Services

Akamai University empowers customers through comprehensive instruction on how to independently configure, manage, and monitor the following Akamai products:

Web Application Accelerator

Akamai University for Web Application Accelerator helps organizations understand how to deliver the level of performance, scalability, and availability needed to ensure success. In this two-day course, customers will learn how to deploy and optimize application acceleration via the Akamai EdgePlatform, and discover time-saving troubleshooting techniques using the Akamai EdgeControl portal.

Dynamic Site Accelerator

Akamai University for Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator helps organizations get the most from their ability to accelerate dynamic, highly-interactive Web sites securely. This two-day course teaches how to increase site performance and availability via the Akamai EdgePlatform, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Akamai Media Delivery and Stream OS

During this three-day course (two days for Akamai Media Delivery and one day for Stream OS), organizations will learn how to optimize and control the delivery of online assets via the Akamai EdgePlatform. In addition, instructors will show how to incorporate Stream OS into the organization's current digital asset publishing workflow.

To register and learn more, please visit www.akamai.com/training.

The Akamai Difference

Akamai® provides market-leading managed services for powering rich media, dynamic transactions, and enterprise applications online. Having pioneered the content delivery market one decade ago, Akamai's services have been adopted by the world's most recognized brands across diverse industries. The alternative to centralized Web infrastructure, Akamai's global network of tens of thousands of distributed servers provides the scale, reliability, insight and performance for businesses to succeed online. Akamai has transformed the Internet into a more viable place to inform, entertain, interact, and collaborate. To experience The Akamai Difference, visit www.akamai.com.