MisterRecycle.com Supports Record User Numbers With Akamai

Paris, France |

- Akamai Technologies (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading provider of cloud optimization services, today announced that MisterRecycle.com, a newly-created website for mobile phone recycling and purchasing, has implemented Akamai's Dynamic Site Accelerator solution to ensure its availability and improve the flow of its traffic.

MisterRecycle is an e-commerce site for mobile phone purchases which takes an eco-responsible approach, giving discarded mobile phones a second life. This new, promising and fast-growing market is designed for anyone who has an unused telephone. Since its launch in April of this year, the MisterRecycle.com e-commerce site has seen a record number of visitors - more than 25,000 visitors per day - a feat made possible thanks to Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator solution which enables the site to handle high traffic volumes. In addition to this, the solution has also been responsible for improving the availability of the portal, flawlessly managing peak connection times and optimizing its services and the conditions for accessing its site, ensuring that MisterRecycle.com's users enjoy a high quality of service.

"Given the site's originality and high visitor rate, Akamai's Dynamic Site solution underpins MisterRecycle.com's performance and reliability requirements even during those critical periods where the site experiences very high peak periods," said Martin Haering, Vice President of International Marketing at Akamai which implemented the service in just two days following a successful testing and validation period. He continued, “Since implementing Akamai's Dynamic Site Accelerator solution, MisterRecycle has experienced a dramatic decrease in its bounce rate and an increase in the number of pages viewed per visitor, which has risen from 4 to 6.5."

The Dynamic Site Accelerator solution improves the performance and reliability of dynamic, personalized websites in a secure environment (HTTPS or SSL). It uses network optimization and caching techniques to speed up display time and increases the range and performance of the richest websites. Akamai gives MisterRecycle.com the necessary means to deliver fast, secure content, ensuring that its customers have a pleasant shopping experience with the peace of mind that their transactions are secure.

For Stéphane Roder, President of MisterRecycle.com: "Given our site's sharp growth and the peak traffic periods that we experience, we chose to reach out to the content delivery leader in order to offer our customers optimum service quality. The solutions implemented by Akamai enable us to absorb the ever-growing volume of traffic to the site and to readily satisfy our customers’ requests."

About MisterRecycle.com

MisterRecycle.com is a website that purchases old mobile phones from people in France and recycles them.

Launched in April of this year and in the wake of its growing success, MisterRecycle has already recycled tens of thousands of telephones. Mobile phones are refurbished and then resold in Europe or around the world, while others are broken down in accordance with the EU WEEE directive.

The success of mobile phone recycling is fully in line with current environmental concerns. Today, there are real environmental and economic incentives to recycling. Giving a mobile phone a second life means avoiding the manufacture of a new device and the depletion of raw materials, which represent 80% of the environmental impact.

It is worth noting that nearly 100 million mobile phones in France currently lie dormant in drawers, not to mention the nearly 24 million phones replaced each year which, on average, are only 18 months old despite their estimated useful life of 7 years!

And to go a step further, MisterRecycle.com has chosen to sponsor the GoodPlanet foundation and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation by suggesting that users donate the amount of their sale.

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