DDoS Hotline for Emergency DDoS Protection

Stop DDoS Attacks

Akamai’s DDoS protection services are easy to activate, and our expert DDoS protection team is available 24/7 to stop all DDoS attacks for you fast. Before we can block your denial of service cyber-attack, we must speak with you.

Please complete this DDoS hotline form, and a DDoS protection expert will call you within a few minutes. Or call us at +1 (954) 620 6005 now

Contact the DDoS Hotline for the best DDoS protection service to stop and block all DDoS attacks

Deploy the largest and strongest DDoS protection network

  • More dedicated DDoS mitigation capacity than any provider
  • Blocks 40 to 50 DDoS attacks every week
  • Largest DDoS attack mitigated to date: 620 Gbps, 71.5 Mpps

Stop these DDoS attacks and web security threats:

  • High-bandwidth DDoS attacks against your network infrastructure
  • Resource-intensive DDoS attacks against your web and Internet-facing applications
  • Attacks that steal data: e.g., SQL Injection, Remote File Inclusion and Local File Inclusion
  • Encrypted attacks against HTTPS applications
  • DDoS attacks against Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure

Cloud security intelligence: broad and deep

  • Visibility into 15 to 30 percent of global web traffic every day, including DDoS attacks against the largest brands and most attacked sites
  • Quick response to new security threats anywhere in the world
  • Live monitoring by highly trained DDoS protection experts
  • DDoS rules revised on-the-fly to stop new attacks fast

Businesses, organizations and governments choose Akamai Cloud Security Solutions

  • More than 100 banks worldwide use Akamai security solutions
  • Protection for eCommerce, online video gaming, media and entertainment, SaaS, telecom, travel and hospitality, and more
  • Our customers stay online even during DDoS attacks
  • Prolexic, the largest and most trusted DDoS protection provider, is now part of Akamai

Stop every type of DDoS attack fast

  • Fast time-to-detect DDoS attacks and signature and vector changes
  • Short time to mitigate an attack, stopping DDoS attacks within minutes
  • Guaranteed results with industry-leading time-to-mitigate SLAs
  • Partner with our experienced DDoS protection team during and after a denial of service attack.