How to stay in control in
the midst of mobile adoption

3 strategies to simplify your operations
and increase efficiency

The convenience of mobile has brought the web to our fingertips 24/7. And as a result, content owners and businesses are constantly burdened with the task of delivering modern digital experiences that meet their customers’ high expectations. That’s why they’re turning to content delivery networks (CDNs) to solve their speed, performance, and security challenges — three critical factors that can make or break your customers’ brand loyalty.

Choosing the right CDN will also make a significant impact on your organization, infrastructure, and end-user experience. The key is control: with more control, you can simplify operations, speed time to market, and make life easier for IT and marketing alike.

Leverage your CDN to maintain simplicity and
gain more control

Adapt tools and network infrastructure to support cross-team collaboration.

In this age of next-generation digital marketing, IT and marketing departments are often joined at the hip. While important, sharing ownership of a digital strategy — from ideation to execution — puts pressure on both departments and makes them increasingly codependent. Enter cloud-based tools that offload logic from business applications while improving control over certain aspects of the user experience. To reduce the strain on IT, marketing ops teams can utilize appropriate user interfaces, or APIs, such as:

Waiting-room applications for high-volume marketing campaigns

The ability to segment audiences for A/B and multivariate testing

Automate delivery of images for maximum visual quality and performance

Automate and organize business logic across your public and private clouds.

Complexity in the network infrastructure often overburdens staff resources and negatively affects end users. Rather than configuring various hardware components to piece together a solution with complex logic, the right CDN allows you to export those decisions to the edge — a cloud-integration layer — to help support your web application or service more seamlessly.

Whether you’re changing your setup or your application is busy, there are several approaches to help prevent cloud-based applications from becoming overwhelmed, such as:

Prioritization of API call volumes

Directing of overflow traffic to a waiting-room application

Gain control by using information about your audience to improve their experience.

Complexity is increasing across the web delivery landscape through the proliferation of mobile devices, sites, apps, and APIs. Today’s requirement to deliver these experiences over high latency cellular and WiFi connections adds to the challenge of providing a seamless experience to all end users.

Whether you’re just setting out on the design journey or you’ve already included this type of logic in your application, developers in your organization can benefit from greater scalability by shifting conditional request/response behaviors to the cloud. And even as your audience grows in diversity, the logic necessary to deliver your content to them doesn’t need to become more complex.

APIs or UIs are available to help control behaviors, such as:

Conditional URL redirects and rewrites based on user device, location URL, path or other request attributes

Allow or deny requests based on cookie value, IP, or request method

Gradually rolling out site or app updates to your audience in phases based on visitor attributes, location, or requested content

You can still achieve simplicity
in a complex world.

To provide a great user experience and deliver to today’s complex mobile users, you must overcome the diversity of devices, browsers, and platforms. In addition to improving speed, performance, and security, a next-generation CDN provides cloud-based logic to simplify network architectures, foster collaboration across teams, and coordinate a quality experience for a variety of audiences in multiple scenarios.

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