Akamai 2016 Holiday

Maximize Revenue and Engagement This Holiday Season

Whether it’s Black Friday in US, Single’s Day in China, or Diwali in India, peak periods represent the best opportunity of the year to attract customers and maximize revenue.

Over 52% of consumers watch videos before buying online, and the use of Facebook chatbots increased by 200% in recent months as businesses realize they increase engagement and revenue. To protect these investments in the face of increasing security threats - DDoS attacks increased 380% in Q1 2017 - planning for peak has never been more important, or more challenging.

Let Akamai be your trusted partner to ensure your digital strategy sets the right records this season.

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Additional Resources

  • The State of Online Retail Report 2017
    We gathered data from 10+ billion online retail user experiences, then analyzed performance metrics for some eye-opening findings around just how much page load time significantly impacts metrics such as conversions and engagement.

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  • Don’t Let Bots Challenge Real User Engagement
    Bots aren’t just an IT issue. Get smart about bots by learning about the organizational impacts of unmanaged or blindly blocked bots as well as bot management best practices. Maximize your online performance as well as customer engagement and satisfaction with this webinar, containing insights from Akamai and Frost and Sullivan.

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  • Protect Your Users and Your Application
    Malicious traffic is increasing in volume, velocity, and variability. Last year 59% of attacks are sophisticated and multi-vector, DDoS attacks are up 125%, and mega attacks have increased 137%. Ensure your app and infrastructure are protected from attackers and DDoS attacks to avoid downtime and maximize revenues.

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