Credential Stuffing 101: The risk of bots to your business

Credential stuffing is on the rise. Bots are getting smarter and malicious actors are getting more confident. Unfortunately, these advanced cyberattacks are also becoming more difficult to detect with standard security controls.

Bots Are Persistent –
It's A Numbers Game

Attackers use advanced bots or manual methods for data theft, which can often lead to an account takeover.

Bots run tests using stolen credentials from one site on a range of other websites.

Attackers can gain access to accounts and
perform a wide range of illicit actions.

Data Theft

Identity Fraud


Credential stuffing can have
devastating effects on your business.

If a data breach occurs and credentials are stolen – leading to credential stuffing and possible account takeovers – businesses can suffer:

  • Negative PR and
    Brand Damage
  • Significant
    Financial Loss
  • Legal
  • Loss of
    Customer Trust

Not all bots are created equal.

As bots gain traction throughout the web development landscape, it’s critical to detect and identify the different kinds of bots and enforce security policies based on your business needs.

GOOD BOTS play a legitimate role in an organization’s online business strategy or operations.
Search Engine
Crawlers and
Spider Bots
Third Party
Hacker &
Fraud Bots
BAD BOTS scrape websites for content or pricing for competitors, harm businesses by launching DDoS attacks, or are programmed for fraud.

Reduce Your Risk.

Being able to detect malicious bot traffic is critical to keeping your business secure. Akamai’s CDN platform helps you identify malicious bots and protect your business against credential stuffing.

We see up to 30% of the world's web traffic.

We continuously update
our directory of over 1,200 known bots.

Learn more about credential stuffing and how you can protect your business, your brand, and your customers from bots that commit fraudulent activity.

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