Akamai Gaming Architecture Intro


Gaming Reference Architecture

Develop games efficiently with widely distributed teams

  • Stop burning time just moving giant files across the world to your distributed development team
  • Eliminate the bottlenecks and bad connections that prevent developers from verifying their code
  • Protect your network while allowing access to third-party developers and contractors

Use Akamai IP Application Accelerator (IPA) to:

  • Manage code repositories easily by delivering IP applications to globally distributed users quickly, securely, and reliably, without the expense of building out and supporting dedicated IT infrastructure

Use Akamai NetStorage with Aspera to:

  • Simplify and optimize cloud-based storage and meet the demands of high-performance online content workflows
  • Move large digital libraries, game files, and other digital content at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance, and network conditions

Use Enterprise Application Access to:

  • Provide secure access to network applications for remote developers and contractors worldwide

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Attract players with rich, fast web experiences

  • Don’t let players get frustrated waiting for your promotional content to load
  • Enable your fans to engage and share through responsive and dynamic player portals and community forums
  • Deliver quick-loading videos to create demand for your game

Use Akamai Ion to:

  • Deliver rich, engaging Internet experiences that exceed user expectations for speed and availability across devices, networks, browsers, and locations

Use Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator to:

  • Deliver faster site performance for highly interactive content and scale capacity on demand to meet peak traffic

Use Image & Video Manager to:

  • Intelligently deliver lighter, faster images at the highest quality and accelerate time to market

Use Akamai Media Services On Demand and Media Services Live to:

  • Prepare promos and game trailers using a simple, scalable cloud-based workflow solution for on-demand video libraries
  • Ensure live streams are ingested and ready for delivery with flawless reliability, quality, and consistency

Use Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery with Media Acceleration to:

  • Live stream the tournaments and events players love, or deliver promos, game trailers, and other on-demand video, all with the highest possible quality and consistency, at scale, and without taxing your infrastructure

Image & Video Manager
Automatically optimize high-quality images to deliver richer, faster gaming experiences.
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Deliver demos, games and updates as quickly and securely as possible

  • Give players instant access to the games they’ve been waiting for
  • Prevent your origin server from choking due to the rush of eager players
  • Protect your players and game servers from hackers
  • Avoid incomplete downloads and ongoing delivery issues

Use Akamai Download Delivery with Media Acceleration to:

  • Improve game download speeds and completion rates, protect your content, and scale globally on demand without costly build-out

Use Akamai NetStorage to:

  • Boost game performance by delivering content from the storage that’s closest to each player

Use Akamai Download Analytics to:

  • Review and analyze incomplete game download numbers and resolve delivery issues quickly

Game Delivery Solution Brief
Provides robust storage, scalable delivery & expert support for seamless gaming.
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Download Delivery
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Connect players reliably and securely with minimal lag

  • Avoid complaints in forums from unstable multiplayer connections
  • Retain players’ trust by protecting their game and data from cyber attacks

Use Akamai Multiplayer Accelerator to:

  • Reach globally distributed players quickly, securely and reliably with less latency and packet loss

Use Akamai Game Security to:

  • Reduce the risk of downtime, defacement, and data theft and protect revenue, player loyalty, and brand equity

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Get all the capabilities you need to create flawless multiplayer experiences.
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