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January 20, 2017: Inaugurating a New Record for Live Video Streaming

Not only did the 2017 Inauguration introduce a new President, it ushered in a new record for live video streaming on the Akamai platform. Streaming coverage of the Trump Presidential Inauguration peaked at 8.7 Tbps, establishing a new benchmark for live video traffic delivered by Akamai for a single news event. The record surpassed the previous high-water mark of 7.5 Tbps, which was set during the U.S. Election night in November 2016.

The records continue to show that when it matters most, the world’s largest broadcasters continue to trust Akamai to help deliver their most important content. Read our Media Services Live Product Brief to learn how to get started.

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The stakes are high. The decisions important. Which is why leading broadcasters the world over trust Akamai as their video streaming partner. Here’s why you should choose Akamai as well:

  • Global Scale: We bring live events of every size to online video audiences of any size
  • Seamless Workflow: Live or on-demand, our teams and tools connect the dots
  • Proven Expertise: We can manage everything — so you can show anything

2017 Inauguration Peak Online Traffic
Peak Live Video Streaming Traffic (Gbps)
2017 Inauguration Online Audience Size
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