99tests Builds Client Confidence with Secure Verification and Access Provided by Enterprise Application Access

"Providing our pool of over 15,000 world-wide testers with secure access is our highest priority at 99tests. That is why we chose Enterprise Application Access (EAA) for our critical third-party access requirements."

Praveen Singh , Founder and CEO , 99tests

The Situation

99tests - headquartered in Bangalore, India - offers a cloud-based, crowd-sourced testing platform that enables enterprises to access quality testing solutions at reasonable prices to meet their quality goals. Crowd-sourced testing provides a far more efficient and cost-effective solution than outsourced testing. The 99tests platform enables organizations to test their applications in real-world conditions by a global community of professional testers. With a combination of intelligent algorithms, analytics, and app testing tools, 99tests empowers enterprises with the product insights they need to make their web, mobile, and wearable apps spectacular.

The Challenge

With a crowd-sourced model, users can literally be anywhere in the world. Providing secure, simple, and convenient remote access is a key challenge. For 99tests’ crowd-sourced testing, secure access is vital in order to ensure data integrity, user privacy, and application security. In addition:

  • Enterprise clients require secure access for testing
  • There was a need for secure access that allowed only designated testers to access the apps they are testing - and to limit their access to anything else
  • 99tests had to monitor tester activity in a secure manner
  • Due to the volume of testing and the number of crowd-sourced users, 99tests sought a solution that was not only secure but easy for them to set up, configure, and change while ensuring high availability at the lowest possible cost

While 99tests evaluated a number of different solutions and new vendors, alternatives fell short of their requirements for simplicity, compliance, security, high availability, and lower cost.

The Goals

99tests needed to meet two key requirements to meet its objectives:

  • Implement secure verification and access to monitor tester activity and build client confidence
  • Track each and every activity of the participating testers, from sign-ins to logging of bugs

Why Akamai

EAA enabled 99tests to connect to a secure network for web and mobile apps that is not accessible to anyone outside the network, without the need for VPNs. EAA ensured that all participating testers from 99tests are given a secure ID and password through EAA to access the application for each specific project. This ensured that only authorized users could access the client apps via EAA.

Painless, Secure Remote Access

EAA has turned remote access on its head, using a secure cloud to provide a new and better way to solve the pain for applications hosted in data centers and hybrid cloud environments. Approaching the problem in a fundamentally different way, EAA is a service that delivers access to enterprise applications without providing users access to the entire network. With EAA, you get a centralized, managed solution that does not require external hardware or software. Managing and controlling third-party access becomes simple and uncluttered — and with the elimination of complexity comes fundamentally better security.

With EAA, no one can get to applications directly because they are hidden from the Internet and public exposure. EAA’s dual-cloud architecture closes all inbound firewall ports while providing authenticated end users access to only their specific applications. EAA integrates data path protection, identity access, application security, and management visibility and control into a single service.

Simple for IT, Simple for Users

Delivered as a centrally managed service, EAA does not require complex network integration by the end user. EAA pre-integrates all core functionality and provides simple connection to third-party directories, SIEM tools, and security devices. It is a solution for any data center or hybrid cloud app environment.

Enabling Business

EAA is designed to remove the chronic pain suffered by IT teams associated with managing remote and third-party access. EAA is easy to deploy, provision, change, and monitor. EAA removes complexity: no device software, no software upgrades or updates, and no additional hardware. User management – from on boarding to off boarding – is a breeze. As a central point of entry and control, EAA provides a single management pane for detailed audit, visibility, control, and compliance reporting. The result is painless, secure remote access.