Ad4Game Delivers Online Ads 60% Faster Around the World and Boosts Conversions by 30% Using Akamai Solutions

"Because Akamai’s network is so globally distributed compared to other CDNs, it can deliver our ads much faster around the world.”

Omar Tahiri , CEO , Ad4Game

The Situation

Founded in 2008, Ad4Game is a leading advertising agency, delivering high-quality online and mobile advertising to some of the world's largest gaming companies including Blizzard, Sony, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft. Over 1,000 of the most popular gaming websites and apps partner with Ad4Game to feature ads aimed at gamers. Ranked the ninth biggest ad network worldwide in 2014 on quantcast, Ad4Game serves nearly 5 billion impressions and reaches over 450 million unique visitors each month.

The Challenge

Ad4Game’s advertising partners expect the fast delivery of ads (which can be 10MB or larger) across their sites. While the agency’s advanced ad optimization engine is capable of processing hundreds of millions of transactions per day, its North American location showed slow ad delivery times to some countries. As a result, sometimes site visitors would leave the page before Ad4Game was able to serve up an ad. Ad4Game took measures to improve response times on its ad server, but this was not enough to dramatically improve performance around the world.

The Goals

Ad4Game needed to meet two key requirements to support its objectives:

  • Ensure fast online ad display. The agency wanted to quickly deliver ads to a global audience.
  • Avoid capital expenses. Ad4Game did not want to build out its global network infrastructure to enable faster response times.

Why Akamai

Going with the Global Leader

After evaluating numerous content delivery networks (CDNs), Ad4Game found that Akamai’s web performance stood out. “The CDNs that performed well in certain regions tended to perform quite poorly worldwide. Because Akamai’s network is so globally distributed compared to other CDNs, it can deliver our ads much faster around the world,” explains Omar Tahiri, CEO of Ad4Game. Convinced that Akamai was the best choice, the agency chose to deploy Akamai Media Delivery, Web Performance, and NetStorage solutions.

Quickly Delivering Ads Around the World

With the Akamai solutions in place, ads are selected from the closest ad server and then displayed quickly to the site visitor. According to Tahiri, “We use a distributed architecture for our ad servers, and Akamai enables us to select from the closest server in order to further improve response time.” Akamai also serves ads to people on mobile devices, which accounts for about 20% of Ad4Game’s ads. Overall, Ad4Game is delivering ads around the world 60% faster than before.

Growing Revenues, Trimming Costs

Since deploying the Akamai solutions, Ad4Game has also scaled to support 30% more impressions and conversions per month. That means Ad4Game is driving higher revenues. At the same time, Akamai has offloaded content from Ad4Game’s servers. “We have saved about $20,000 per month by avoiding the need to build out our global infrastructure to continually improve response times,” explains Tahiri.

As the online game market continues growing, Ad4Game sees a bright future. “Going forward, we expect to deliver more mobile and video ads and can do so easily with Akamai. We are often approached by Akamai competitors but we never even think about switching because of the results we see with Akamai,” concludes Tahiri.

About Ad4Game

Ad4Game is the Internet's Game Ad Network. We are partnered with the key players in the gaming industry. The company is focused on gamers ONLY. We want to make sure our advertisers can reach a highly targeted gaming audience. Ads we place on our publishers' websites are relevant and interesting to their visitors. The company offers a high level of service, statistics, control and transparency to help our customers succeed. Ad4Game is a simple and effective performance based (CPA,CPC,CPM) ad network suitable for advertisers and publishers of all sizes. Ad4Game is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Want to get started? The set up is very easy and we are here to help you.Please visit

About Akamai

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