Confucius Institute Online

Confucius Institute Online provides global 'Live Class' experience enabled by Akamai

“Akamai enabled us to provide the first truly effective global online live web class in China. Their team was not only professional but was focused on how to best help Confucius Institute meet its business and operational goals. Akamai’s incomparable scalability and coverage enabled Confucius to open more online classes across 128 countries at a competitive cost, saving us time and money in Internet Data Centre (IDC) build-up, maintenance and management.”

Qi Wen Min , Chief Technology Officer , Wuzhou Chinese Education Technology Company of Confucius Institute Online

The Situation

Confucius Institute Online is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and superior Chinese learning website by inventing effective functions around online Chinese teaching, Chinese culture discovery, global-oriented community and media systems.

To meet the expectations of its increasingly globalized users, Confucius Institute needed to be able to provide superior performance for every user regardless of their location. Its site must be able to handle high traffic loads during peak usage periods and provide 24x7 availability.

The Challenge

Confucius Institute faced two priorities, one was to encourage registered students to browse and purchase rich, interactive content and web applications that are generated dynamically, while the other was to provide a high-quality real-time or ‘live class’ web experience. However, the richer content resulted in slower page downloads and can lead to site abandonment.

In order to attract and retain more online courses users, Confucius Institute needed to provide higher web performance and greater scalability for supporting worldwide user access and achieving high-quality online classroom experience.

Besides, Confucius Institute wanted to release a live class website in a short period of time and it needed a total web performance solution that enabled static object caching, dynamic site acceleration and live class streaming acceleration. The need was urgent with a short timeline-to-market, and it wanted a single content delivery network (CDN) provider with a solution that is good at both HTTP dynamic content acceleration and TCP acceleration.

The Goals

To support its objectives, Confucius Institute needed to meet the following requirements:

  • Deliver faster website performance for the highly interactive content, realize 100% availability through uninterrupted service capabilities.
  • Provide instant scalability to support widespread Confucius Classrooms around the world.

Why Akamai

Akamai was able to provide a full suite of website performance solutions to support Confucius Institute’s urgent need to build a globally available, real-time interactive live-streaming website.

The solutions deployed included Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA), which is designed to speed and secure the highly interactive website and provide full visibility into online activity without requiring an infrastructure investment to support the increased load of richer content.

With Akamai Web Performance Solutions, Confucius Institute is able to not only launch new courses faster but also significantly reduce its overseas IDC cost, lower infrastructure costs and burdens and realized 100% availability through uninterrupted service capabilities. Akamai accelerates and protects the site’s highly interactive content, providing a web performance, which is five times faster. With the existing network infrastructure, Akamai provides global scalability on-demand, and supports 1085 Confucius Classrooms and 143 Confucius Institute websites across 128 countries. Akamai’s web performance solutions have provided powerful support to successful live classes launching of Confucius Institute.

About Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute is devoted to creating an influential and comprehensive global website by innovating effective functions such as online Chinese teaching, Chinese culture discovery, global-oriented community and media systems to satisfy the needs of people who are interested in Chinese learning all around the world. It aims to promote understanding of Chinese language and culture, enhance the educational and cultural cooperation between China and the world, develop friendships between China and other countries, help develop a multicultural environment to build a harmonious world.

About Akamai

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