The Absolut Company

The Absolut Company Harnesses Akamai's Unique Technologies and Expertise to Better Penetrate the Chinese Market

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“To address the unique Internet performance issues in China and get Absolut ‘next door’ to potential customers, we call upon Akamai’s expertise and its China CDN service.”

Fredrik Lagertrad , Digital Manager , Absolut

The Situation

When your product is available in 126 countries and has ranked among the top 10 in its category since 1994, you’re in an enviable position. And you’re also The Absolut Company, the producers of Absolut Vodka. The company’s vodka is set apart by its distinctive brand name, iconic bottle, and premium quality.

The Challenge

In spite of having a presence in China for 15 years, Absolut was unfamiliar to a majority of potential Chinese customers.

The Goals

To make greater inroads with this market, The Absolut Company came up with a marketing strategy to convey the vodka culture in an eastern country involving giant revolving billboards, print ads, and a Chinese website hosted out of Sweden.

Why Akamai

To deliver content in China, you need knowledge of the China Internet infrastructure. To that end, the local knowledge of Akamai’s China CDN team is key.