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Emergency HTTPoxy Podcast

Listen as Eric Kobrin (Infosec) and Terrence O'Connor (Security Prof Services) discuss with Daniel Shugrue the HTTPoxy Vulnerability. They cover what it is, what types of damage it can inflict, how Akamai found out about the vulnerability before it was publicly disclosed, what Akamai has already done for Akamai customers, and what non-customers and customers alike can do to further harden their security postures.

Security Kahuna Podcast, 3-3-15

Bill Brenner, Dave Lewis and Martin McKeay discuss the latest security breaches and other issues.

Security Kahuna Podcast, 12-8-14

Bill Brenner, Dave Lewis and Martin McKeay discuss the security breach at Sony, lawsuits between the banks and Target, and much more.

Security Kahuna Podcast, 10-14

Bill Brenner, Dave Lewis and Martin McKeay ponder the explosion of critical vulnerabilities like Poodle, Shellshock and Heartbleed.