Enterprise Threat Protector

Proactive protection against malware

Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) enables security teams to proactively identify, block, and mitigate targeted threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and data exfiltration that exploit the Domain Name System (DNS). Powered by real-time intelligence from Akamai Cloud Security Intelligence and Akamai’s proven, globally distributed recursive DNS platform, Enterprise Threat Protector efficiently delivers security, control, and visibility to the enterprise while easily integrating with your existing network defenses.

Enterprise Threat Protector is a cost-effective security solution that can be installed and setup in minutes.

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Real-time Akamai Threat Intelligence

Up-to-the minute threat intelligence with low false positives based on Akamai’s visibility into 15-30% of daily web traffic, 2.2 Trillion Recursive DNS requests and propriety Data Science algorithms.

Analysis and Reporting

Dashboards provide real-time insight into all outbound enterprise DNS traffic, as well as threat and AUP events.

Customer-Categorized Threat Customization

Security teams can quickly integrate existing threat intelligence feeds, extending value from your existing security investments.


DNS logs are retained for 30 days and can easily be exported as a CSV file or integrated into a SIEM for further analysis.

Acceptable Use Policy Management

Customize and enforce enterprise acceptable use policy and ensure compliance by limiting which content categories can and cannot be accessed.


All DNS requests sent to Enterprise Threat Protector have DNSSEC enabled.

How Does Enterprise Threat Protector Work?

Akamai Enterprise Threat Protector Overview

As every web request from your network begins with DNS, it’s the perfect control point to secure company-wide visibility into web requests and apply a security policy.

By simply directing your enterprise’s external recursive DNS traffic to Akamai’s Enterprise Threat Protector service, you can uniformly and immediately block employees from accessing malicious domains and services. And since this validation happens before the IP connection is made, threats are stopped earlier in the security kill chain and further away from your enterprise.

Use Cases

Protection Against Malware for Devices that are On- or Off-Network

Apply policy to block malicious activity across your entire enterprise in minutes. Use the DNS control point to uniformly and immediately block malicious domains and communications.
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Guest Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy

Enforce an Acceptable Use policy across your guest wi-fi for brand protection.
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Enforce an Enterprise Acceptable Use Policy

Block inappropriate content across the enterprise quickly and effectively.
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