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Akamai + Aspera

NetStorage offers faster content uploads with Aspera Upload Acceleration

NetStorage is Akamai's high performance cloud storage solution and a key component of Akamai's product portfolio, offering an optimized content storage solution for customers leveraging Akamai delivery services. NetStorage provides persistent, geographically replicated storage of digital content, including images, streaming media files, software, documents and other digital objects.

Akamai is continuously upgrading and expanding the NetStorage architecture, adding flexible content management features to raise file size limitations and support for standard transfer protocols such as FTP and SCP, as well as premium file transport methods using Aspera's patented FASP™ technology for high speed content upload. By tightly integrating Aspera Upload Acceleration into the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, NetStorage offers high-performing and efficient bulk data transfer capabilities to customers needing to move large digital libraries, files, and other digital content at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions.

The Aspera Upload Acceleration option leverages dedicated Aspera FASP-enabled servers within the Akamai Intelligent Platform to accelerate file transfers directly into NetStorage faster than traditional methods, using built-in connection information for the Akamai NetStorage service. This unique integration positions customers to achieve throughput that is multiple times higher than traditional transfer protocols, while virtually eliminating the negative effects of distance, delay, and packet loss between the customer's upload location and the NetStorage location. In addition to significantly increased upload transfer speeds, the integration creates a seamless end-user experience without the need to re-architect the workflow or build custom API calls. The resulting performance improvement dramatically reduces the time required to make content - especially time-sensitive content, high quality video files, and large content libraries - available for delivery to users across the globe via the Akamai Intelligent Platform™.