Media Services Live

Bridge the gap between live streaming and broadcast with Media Services Live’s purpose-built capabilities.

Akamai’s Media Services Live focuses on bringing reliability and scale to live streaming.
The new, liveOrigin™ capabilities are designed to operate in concert to support the same level of quality for live video streaming (live event and 24/7 live linear) expected of traditional broadcast television. Content providers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they can deliver high-quality streaming that pleases their viewers every time. The Media Services Live solution is fully compatible Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery. Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery.

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Media Services Live
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Media Services Live

For more than 18 years Akamai has delivered some of the world’s largest live streaming events and worked with several of the world’s most popular content providers, giving us a unique vantage point for architecting our live solution.

Live streaming is not broadcast. A significant gap that still remains between traditional TV and streaming in terms of performance and quality. Understanding the challenges that content providers face, Akamai has developed a purpose-built solution to help you deliver a streaming experience that matches, or exceeds, that of broadcast.

Learn how Akamai can help you delight your online audience every time with broadcast-quality experiences for your live streaming and 24/7 live linear services.

Ingest Acceleration

Akamai has integrated proprietary acceleration technology within a highly distributed ingestion network. While mapping technology matches encoders to optimal entry points to route content, UDP-based acceleration improves the performance and throughput of ingestion. These capabilities add an additional level of robustness to overall contribution and improve the quality of the live feed even in cases of packet loss.

Low-Latency Support

To reduce the delay between online and live linear broadcast, liveOrigin™ has been designed to reliably handle small fragments of low-latency video for HTTP-based streaming (HLS/HDS/DASH/CMAF). Akamai supports 10-second end-to-end latency (1 to 2 seconds behind broadcast) reliably and at scale to provide a true TV experience for online audiences.

Self-Healing Network

One of Akamai’s core principles is based on eliminating single points of failure throughout our solutions. liveOrigin replicates content to multiple locations and dynamically assigns encoders to optimal entry points in order to ensure 24/7 reliability and availability of your service.

One-to-Many (Cross-Account) Delivery

Content providers need to efficiently and flexibly distribute their content across multiple delivery channels. liveOrigin allows for multiple Akamai delivery accounts to easily access content from a single origin to simplify broader distribution of content across a variety of channels.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Highly scalable server-side stitching provides a seamless viewing experience and, in combination with platform-agnostic middleware, enables consistency in deployment to client devices. It provides the flexibility to integrate with all major ad decisioning servers and ad exchanges. Viewer-level targeting improves monetization opportunities through delivery of relevant ad content, while ensuring live content is never lost through support for early return breaks and start-stream failover capabilities for live, live linear, and on demand (only available with Adaptive Media Delivery integration) use cases.

End-to-End Transport Layer Security (TLS) Support

Akamai has added the ability to receive content over a TLS session from the encoder and maintain the delivery between components in the Akamai network (and out to end users) so that the content is transported securely end to end.

DVR and Archive

By providing DVR and archive functionality, it becomes possible to offer alternative viewing experiences, including “live rewind,” for the end user.

Live to VOD Asset Creation

A quick and easy way to create clips for use cases such as catch-up TV, highlights, and content time-shifting by converting live and 24/7 simulcast streams into stand-alone VOD assets.

Enable reliable, robust ingestion

For 24/7 live linear streams regardless of the unpredictable nature of the Internet

Minimize delays

Between broadcast and live streaming down to 1 or 2 seconds to provide broadcast quality viewer experiences.

Ensure broadcast-level reliability

So your service and content are always available 24/7 for your viewers.

Maximize audience reach

Through a modular architecture that allows multiple delivery channels to connect to a single origin.

Offer seamless, engaging viewing experiences

Through serving relevant, targeted ads at scale, to effectively monetize content.

Efficiently distribute

Content through multiple delivery channels for maximum audience reach.

Effectively monetize

Premium content through providing seamless, engaging viewing experiences.

Provide visibility

Into first-mile performance and stream health in near-real time so that quick, relevant action can be taken as needed.

Transport content securely

From encoder to viewers with end-to-end TLS encryption.

Offer features and functionalities

To extend content consumption at the viewer’s discretion.