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Aura Licensed CDN

Licensed suite of Operator CDN software to enable IP video services, enhance subscriber QoE and reduce network costs

With the Aura Licensed CDN operators can own and operate a highly scalable CDN that efficiently delivers operator content as well as content from Akamai customers and other OTT services utilizing a common HTTP caching infrastructure. Aura LCDN software runs on COTS hardware or Virtual Machines (VM) and federates with the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, providing global delivery of operator content with a single business agreement.

Aura Licensed CDN product brief
Akamai Network Operator Solutions

Aura LCDN Components

The Aura LCDN includes Aura HyperCache and Aura Request Router core services, plus comprehensive management and analytics for a complete operator CDN solution.

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Virtualized CDN for Video Delivery

The shift to virtualization is in full swing. CDNs are a compelling application within virtualized infrastructure for delivering high-quality live or on-demand video at scale.

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