Enterprise Reference Architectures

Akamai Reference Architectures

Akamai's reference architectures provide a simplified visual representation of how Akamai's solutions work and integrate with your existing environment, so you can take full advantage of our cloud platform to protect and grow your business.

Enterprise Security

As businesses evolve and applications and users move outside of the traditional enterprise perimeter, your enterprise security model needs to evolve to adapt and protect your business in today’s threat landscape.

Advanced Malware Protection


Guest Wi-Fi Connection
Simply secure your guest Wi-Fi across all enterprise locations to enforce corporate acceptable use policies (AUPs), protect your users, and safeguard your brand reputation.

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Simple, Secure Application Access

Fast, Secure Application Access
Combine Akamai’s Ion web performance solution with Akamai’s Enterprise Application Access (EAA) to ensure fast corporate applications that can be securely accessed over the Internet by a global and mobile workforce, without any endpoint clients or publicly exposed infrastructure.

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Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust Security Architecture
The old mantra of "inside = trusted" is an antiquated concept as breaches continue to soar. Companies must evolve to a “there is no inside” Zero Trust security model to protect against a wide variety of ever-evolving threats.

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