API Gateway

Accelerate access and simplify policy & traffic controls for APIs

APIs are crucial for enabling new customer-focused business models. An API gateway provides a single entry point for all clients, maintains a secure connection to your API backend, and governs API traffic. The Akamai Intelligent Platform™ delivers API Gateway functionality at the edge, providing fine-grained control over API access that is fast, secure, and reliable. Push governance, authentication and acceleration to the edge and at the center of every user’s experience.

Six Flags Case Study

Customer Story

Learn how offloading APIs helped Six Flags deliver great app experiences

What Is Akamai API Gateway?

The Akamai API Gateway empowers you to improve the governance, reliability and speed of your APIs for any client, anywhere in the world. It leverages Akamai’s cloud delivery platform, that delivers over 445 billion API interactions a day to provide scalability, performance and security for your APIs.

The API Gateway provides distributed access, policy, and traffic controls while managing runtime activities such as routing, authentication and authorization. Since this work occurs at the edge, it requires fewer round-trips to origin, resulting in improved performance and reliability for your APIs.

By leveraging the global reach and sophisticated automation in the Akamai Intelligent Platform to deliver and secure your APIs, you can spend more time focusing on API strategy, design, and implementation, instead of building and maintaining management infrastructure.

Simplified Management

  • User quota enforcement ensures that you can enforce business policies that govern SLAs like limiting API requests per unit of time.
  • Import, provision, and manage the entire lifecycle of API keys on the Akamai platform.
  • API key validation uniquely identifies and enforces access for programs, developers, or users when they make requests to an API.

Standardized Support

  • APIs can be quickly onboarded using industry-standard API description language documents (Swagger/RAML), resulting in increased developer productivity.
  • CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) support for customers utilizing APIs from JavaScript on a website.

Secure Access

  • Harden APIs with authentication and authorization to protect data.
  • Support for JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for digitally signed authorization of API requests at the edge provides a faster user experience while offloading origin identity provider.

Detailed Insight

Reporting portal enables you to understand how your APIs are being consumed, and allows you to review traffic and error patterns to optimize API delivery.

High Performance

Enable global caching, geo routing and traffic limits at the edge, with points of presence close to API clients to accelerate responses and improve experiences dependent on APIs.

Massive Scale

Eliminate costly infrastructure build-outs to ensure reliability at peak volumes


Enhances developer control and administrative functionality with a rich set of open APIs