Application acceleration

Web application acceleration technology is critical to competitiveness for enterprises seeking to engage web users with rich interactive content.

Users increasingly expect their web experience to be fast, entertaining and personalized with offers and content specific to their needs and history. Enterprises can meet these demands with rich, innovative and dynamically generated content. But the complexity of rendering pages on the fly can quickly lead to lengthy page loads and poor web application performance, causing online users to abandon transactions and seek engagement elsewhere.

To meet user expectations for superior website performance, enterprises can rely on application acceleration technology from Akamai. Dynamic Site Accelerator improves web application performance, delivering speeds that are up to five times faster than original web infrastructure. Akamai’s application acceleration solution enables enterprises to deliver dynamically generated content without the expense of a hardware build-out, and can scale quickly and easily to meet peak traffic conditions such as flash sales or seasonal shopping.

How Akamai application acceleration works

To achieve application acceleration, Dynamic Site Accelerator pulls and caches content continuously onto servers that are close to the end user and dynamically directs user requests for content to the optimal Akamai edge server. Akamai route optimization technology chooses the fastest and most reliable path when retrieving dynamic and interactive content, and Akamai’s application acceleration solution delivers dynamic content over optimized connections to avoid Internet problem spots.

Akamai web acceleration technology enhances security by securely delivering information that is protected by the SSL/TLS protocol using the PCI Level 1 compliant Akamai Intelligent Platform™. Content that is protected by access controls is delivered rapidly from Akamai servers. Akamai’s application acceleration technology also provides visibility and intelligence on usage, visitors and online activity for greater insight into how users are engaging with a brand online.

Application acceleration technology from Akamai enables businesses to:

  • Improve the speed of highly interactive content and website performance.
  • Reduce operational cost and IT investment by leveraging Akamai’s infrastructure.
  • Scale to meet peak demand, relying on the capacity and scale of Akamai’s globally distributed platform.
  • Enable better business decisions through visitor insight intelligence reports.
  • Deliver SSL-protected content and mitigate Internet security risks.

Highlights of Akamai’s application acceleration technology

  • Cache Optimization
  • Capacity on Demand
  • Compression
  • Connection Optimization
  • Content Availability
  • Content Caching
  • Performance and Availability Service Level Agreement
  • Pre-Fetching
  • Route Optimization
  • Site and Visitor Intelligence
  • Site Security

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