Application Performance

Application performance is a top priority for enterprises today. With applications now powering nearly every business process -- from sales orders and customer support to supply chain management and extranets – application performance is closely tied to overall performance of the enterprise.

But application performance has also become more difficult as organizations move more business processes online. Applications that are centrally located on the web don't always perform consistently, and when responsiveness and reliability become issues, users can quickly get frustrated and abandon applications altogether.

For enterprises seeking technology to ensure superior application performance, Akamai provides leading solutions trusted by the world's largest brands.

Application performance solutions from Akamai

As a leading application service provider and one of the world's leading cloud service providers, Akamai provides enterprises with solutions to deliver secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere in the world.

Akamai Web Application Accelerator (WAA) is a cloud-based service that enables enterprises to improve application performance. With WAA, enterprises can overcome the challenge of deploying applications over the Internet in order to cost-effectively provide users with fast, intelligent, and secure access to web applications. WAA utilizes the application management and delivery capabilities within the Akamai Intelligent Platform™. This leading cloud platform is made up of a distributed network of servers and intelligent software and enables web optimizations to be distributed globally and located very close to users and data centers throughout the world. Requiring no hardware, software or application code changes, WAA provides enterprises with the application performance and availability they need to drive productivity and adoption of web applications.

With this application performance solution, enterprises can improve response times for dynamic web applications and deliver consistent worldwide performance. They can also reduce capital expenses and operating costs, helping to realize ROI payback quickly – usually within two months on average.

How Akamai improves application performance

  • Akamai WAA delivers consistent and predictable web application performance on a global scale. Here's how this innovative solution works:
  • When user requests for secure web application content come in, Akamai's dynamic web server mapping system directs them to an optimal Akamai application server.
  • Akamai's route optimization technology determines the fastest route and most reliable path back to the origin infrastructure for retrieval of dynamic application content.
  • Communications between the Akamai server and the origin site are transparently optimized with a high-performance transport protocol, helping to improve web application performance and reliability.
  • The Akamai server retrieves the requested web application content and sends it to the user via secure optimized connections.

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